Offering tray to the God of Fortune on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year 2023

Mâm vía Thần Tài ngay mùng 10 Tết âm lịch


The God of Wealth is the god of heaven, taking care of fortune, gold and silver for families. And every month on the 10th lunar month, every family, especially business families, often make a tray to worship the God of Fortune with the wish that the god bless the family’s fortune, bring all the luck in fortune for a year. new auspicious.

Devotion to the God of Wealth

Unlike the tray for worshiping ancestors and worshiping the earth, the tray for worshiping the gods is offered on ordinary days. Especially on the 10th day of the first lunar month every year, the family is busy preparing the tray to worship God. Fully preparing a tray of offerings to the god of wealth and land on the 10th as required will help the owner reap the wishes of fortune in the new year.

The tray of the God of Fortune on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year

Please refer to the following rituals of vegetarian and salty offerings:

STT Salt offerings
(From the 1st to the 6th lunar month)
Vegetarian offering ceremony
(From 07 to 12 lunar calendar)
first Incense) Incense)
2 Candles or candles Candles or candles
3 01 plate of betel nut 01 plate of betel nut
4 01 Fruit tray (5 different fruits) 01 Fruit tray (5 different fruits)
5 01 set of paper money, votive paper 01 set of paper money, votive paper
6 01 flower vase 01 flower vase
7 01 cup Rice and salt 01 cup Rice and salt
8 01 pack of Cigarettes 01 pack of Cigarettes
9 03 cups of water 03 cups of water
ten 03 glasses of wine 03 glasses of wine
11 1 grilled snakehead fish 01 plate of confectionery
twelfth Set of three slugs, including:
– Boiled or roasted pork (pork must have fat, lean, skin)
– 03 boiled eggs.
– 03 shrimp or crab
In addition, homeowners can also buy more
some dishes such as cakes and vegetarian cakes,…
13 Pence Pence
14 Sticky green beans Sticky green beans
15 Tea Tea

The fuller the tray of offerings to the God of Wealth, the more fortune and luck will come to your family. In addition, on the day of the God of Wealth, people often buy gold to get good luck in the whole year, this is a custom that has existed for a long time, people believe that in the beginning of the new year, buying gold will bring good luck and fortune. good fortune for the whole year!

Some pictures collected about the tray of offerings to the God of Fortune online

Vows to the God of Wealth

In the ceremony of worshiping the God of Wealth, it is indispensable to pray to the God of Fortune, you can refer to the following sample of vows:

I bow to the heavens of the nine directions, the buddhas of the ten directions, the buddhas of the ten directions.

Hail to Mr. Hoang Thien Hau Tho, the gods and goddesses.

I respectfully bow to Mr. Dong Tru Tu of the God of God Palace.

I bow to the God of Money.

I bow to you Gods, the earthly rulers of this land.

Child creditor is: ……………… Age:……………………..

Residing at…………………………………………………….

Today is …….month…….year………………… (lunar calendar).

I sincerely make amends, flowers, offerings, honeysuckle, tea, fruit and other offerings, and presents in front of the court to invite Mr.

Pray to the God of Wealth to have mercy on the faithful, come before the judgment, witness the sincerity, enjoy the offerings to support our faithful, security and prosperity, all good things, prosperity, prosperity, fortune and progress. , the mind of the religion is open, the needs are all fulfilled, the wishes are devoted.

We bow sincerely, before the court, we bow to ask for protection and protection.

Careful restoration!

Some notes on the day of the God of Wealth

Like other spiritual customs of the Vietnamese, on the day of the God of Fortune (the 10th day of the Lunar New Year), it is also necessary to avoid doing a few things in order not to spread wealth and fortune as follows:

– Every month, you must clean the altar, bathe the God of Wealth on the last day of the month and the 14th of the lunar calendar with grapefruit leaf juice, or wine mixed with water. When cleaning the altar, towels to wipe and bathe the God of Fortune must be separate towels, not used for other purposes.

– When burning incense, homeowners need to change the water in the flowerpot, change the drinking water, etc.

– When finished offering salted rice, it should be stored for good luck, not spread out.

– Do not let dogs and cats disturb the altar of the God of Fortune, it will cause a great offense.

– Gold and silver are burned outside.

– Wine or water is to stand outside the door to pour into the house to bring home fortune.

– The set of three slugs or fruit cakes shared in the house are not used for outsiders, lest they lose all their fortune.

The Day of the God of Fortune in Vietnamese spirituality is a very important day, especially for business people, this day is often very well prepared to wish for fortune to enter the house all year round.

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