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Coffee is a black drink that contains caffeine and is widely used in the market. But before putting coffee on the market, it needs to be done coffee test. This testing service is really important and must be done.

Licensed Coffee Testing Guide

Coffee test a form of quality control of coffee, to ensure the reputation of coffee producers as well as the interests of consumers. The process of testing coffee products must comply with the Food Safety Law promulgated by the National Assembly.

Coffee testing process

Coffee testing process

Each company before bringing coffee to the market must comply with all testing regulations. But there are many businesses and companies that skip those necessary steps. Most of them do not understand the process of product testing.

Why test coffee?

There are 3 reasons businesses should do coffee testing:

  • According to Decision No. 46/2007/QD – BYT issued on February 19, 2007 (stipulating maximum limits of biological and chemical contamination in food). Process coffee test as indispensable in the production process before putting the product on the market.
  • Before enterprises make the announcement of coffee, they must obtain the results of testing coffee products that meet the standards according to Decree 15.
  • Having coffee product testing results supports your business with enough confidence as well as meeting all requirements of the state and food safety laws. In addition, this will also detect all errors and errors in the coffee production and processing process. Thereby perfecting and developing sustainably, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Steps to carry out coffee testing

Step 1: Define test objectives.

  • Before submitting a test sample, you should define the purpose of the sample test.
  • Check the quality of the coffee to determine if the product is good or not?
  • Testing to register for certification of qualified establishments for food safety.
  • Test to declare coffee quality.
  • Test against the test.

Step 2: Set targets based on test objectives.

License to test coffee

License to test coffee

  • Sensory analysis.
  • Nutritional analysis.
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Heavy metal analysis.
  • Analysis of pesticide residues.
  • Analysis of organic pollutants.
  • Analysis of mycotoxins.

Step 3: Prepare the sample immediately and send it to the verification office.

  • You should specify, complete or enclose detailed information.
  • Coffee name (Vietnamese and English).
  • Name of coffee unit (company, business household, individual).
  • The address of the unit sending the sample.

Step 4:

The testing center takes the appointment letter and receives the test results directly to the customer. Who is looking for a reputable testing place should go to to get the warranties.

Important criteria for testing coffee

To coffee test must meet the following criteria:


Color, state, taste, fineness, impurities….

physicochemical criteria

  • Coffee is a xanthine alkaloid. If coffee is used in high amounts, it can increase heart rate and diuretic.

Criteria for testing coffee

Criteria for testing coffee

  • Carbohydrate content: Brings 1/2 of the total dry matter, most of which do not participate in the composition of the drink but only have caramel color and taste. Saccharosa is caramelized during the roasting process, giving the coffee its flavor.
  • The protein content is not too much to play the necessary tis in the coffee flavor formation process.
  • The fats that make up coffee oil are triglycerides and diterpenes, which are esters of saturated acids, especially palmitic, behenic, and arachidic. Lipid processing is modified, but some fatty acids are involved under the influence of temperature to become aroma.


  • The hot and humid climate is favorable for mold growth in the post-harvest stage of coffee. That makes coffee damaged, mold also produces ochratoxin A toxins, especially affecting health.
  • Fungal strains called Aflatoxin thrive in agricultural foods, animal feed, poultry …. The harmful effects of this mycotoxin can lead to liver cancer.

Microbiological indicators

Microbiological criteria talk about factors such as water, bacteria, viruses, algae, etc. These factors will greatly determine the quality coffee test.

Indicators of metals and trace elements

Based on the previous criteria and based on the intended use of the base product, businesses should set up a reasonable coffee test target. That will save a lot of time and money.

Coffee test

Coffee test


The main article is all information about coffee test. This testing process is really important, necessary for those who work in and operate the coffee business. Then you will receive a quality and really safe coffee product for consumers before it is released to the market!


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